The Pediatric Institute of Epilepsy is a state of the art office where our patient's well-being is our #1 priority.  We offer a safe and comfortable environment and a variety of services by our knowledgable staff. 

Through electrodes attached to your head, an EEG is able to detect electrical activity within your brain. This is used as a primary diagnostic tool for epilepsy and seizures. The test is completely harmless with no pain and takes 45-60 minutes.

Sleep disorders are diagnosed through a sleep study (Polysomnogram), which records the electrical activity of the brain during sleep for analysis. Refer to the Sleep Foundation for more information on specific sleep disorders.

EEG scans are used to help diagnose if seizures are the primary cause of chronic headaches or migraines.

Epilepsy is caused by abnormal electrical signals in the brain that overwhelm the nervous system, which can induce seizures.  Each case of epilepsy is unique.

Seizures are caused by abnormal and sudden electric charges. Some seizures can occur without notice while others can be completely debilitating. Refer to Epilepsy Foundation for more information.

Vagus nerve stimulation is a procedure that stimulates the vagus nerve with electrical impulses and is used to treat epilepsy. We provide VNS checking and programming